Connect with buckhead church: our partnerships and resources

Buckhead church is a nonprofit, nondenominational church situated in buckhead, singles ministry atlanta, georgia. established in 2002, the church has a membership of over 1,000 people. buckhead church has many partnerships and resources open to its users. included in these are partnerships using the atlanta authorities department, the atlanta fire division, and atlanta area meals bank. the church comes with many resources open to its people, including a library, a daycare, and a youth ministry. buckhead church is a resource because of its members additionally the community. the church also has a library, a daycare, and a youth ministry.

Join the buckhead church family: become involved and develop with us

Buckhead church is a congregation of christians whom live in the atlanta area. we have been a family group whom loves to join up and grow together. we now have a variety of ministries and occasions we provide our people, so we would want to help you be an integral part of our community. we would be happy to have you join united states for worship, bible study, or simply an amiable conversation. develop that you will come and experience just what buckhead church needs to offer.